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Whatever size you need, wherever you need it shipped, High Country Fusion can make it happen. We source our pipe from only the most reliable sources – companies known for their attention to quality and durability.
Our company excels at the custom fabrication of HDPE Pipe Fittings. Tees, Elbows, Wyes and Branch Saddles, are only a few of the items available from our huge catalog of made-to-order HDPE Fittings. Large stocks of standard fittings are always on hand.
Custom Fabrications is what HCFC is all about! Even though we produce all of the standard fitting configurations (tees, elbows, etc.) much of our capacity is geared to production of custom HDPE fabrications.
There are multiple methods by which to butt fuse dual containment systems, some better than others. Our years of experience have helped us identify which procedures and practices work best for specific applications.


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